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Clean Rooms


UV Light Disinfection

Stem Cell Laboratories

DDK Scientific, Corp. was founded in 2000.

We specialize in…

Design, manufacture and validate custom clean rooms, modular clean rooms and portable clean rooms.

Design, construct and validate stem cell research laboratories.

Design, manufacture and validate custom room air sterilization equipment for hospital rooms and doctor’s waiting rooms.

Design, manufacture and validate USP <797> compliant isolators and custom isolators.

Design, manufacture and validate custom Ultraviolet light (UV) tunnel and UV pass through for surface sterilization.


DDK Scientific, Corp. Presentations

DDK Sales Presentation

What is ultraviolet light, what is UV disinfection, UV & its effects on bacteria, type of UV lamps, UV tunnels, UV pass through, air disinfections, biological indicators, validation.

UV and the Imperfect Biological Indicator

Raul Duarte, ISPE Washington, DC. Conference June 2005; Raul Duarte, ISPE Prague CZ. Conference September 2005

DDK Environmental Monitoring of Clean Rooms

Raul Duarte, ISPE Indianapolis, IN March 2005

Understanding USP <797>

Raul Duarte, June 2008

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